Interested in training to be a pilot?

Making the decision to study to be a commercial pilot is a big commitment of your time and money. We have designed our Aviation Training Experience courses to give you a look inside one of the worlds longest running and most highly regarded Air Training Organisations. You'll get a chance to see whether training as a pilot is the right path for you, and gain some valuable skills along the way.


5 Day Course 

A perfect intro to the skies, this course includes some basic handling exercises as well as covering the basic theory of how an aircraft behaves in the skies.

Training goal : Aircraft familiarisation, basic handling
Accommodation available (5 nights for £375 Dinner Bed and Breakfast, ages 16+ only)
All hours can be put towards a full Private Pilot Licence
Available to all students aged 14+


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Which training experience is best for me?
This course is designed to give you the experience of training in an Aviation Academy. Our 5 day course is best for those students who are committed to training as a pilot in the next few years and who are looking to test themselves against our standard, and to try out our Academy to see if we are the right Aviation Academy for them.

What if I find the training too demanding?
We are starting right from the beginning on this course, as thousands of pilots do every year. We will go at a pace that suits you. On our 5 day course our goal is to get you comfortable with handling the aircraft and thinking in 3 dimensions, there are no tests to sit or big mistakes you can make.

Do you have accommodation?
We have accommodation provided through a local 4-star hotel, which is Dinner Bed and Breakfast. You can get lunch at the airport. We will transfer you to and from the hotel in time for your lessons.

Who will be teaching me?
You will be taught by our MOD approved Flight Instructors, the majority of whom are on our BSc (Hons) Degree course. Most instructors have a minimum of 500 hours experience.

What are the entry requirements?
You will need to be over 14, and if we are arranging your accommodation you will need to be over 16. All your hours can be logged towards a Private Pilot Licence.

Built for the best

We designed this course for the Royal Air Force to train Air Cadets. This is a contract we have held without challenge for over 30 years. All our instructors are Ministry of Defence approved and regularly re-assessed.

Assess our performance

You will get to see what its like to study at a high standard Aviation Academy, including our industry-leading training methods. You'll be following the same training path as all our Trainee Commercial Pilots.

Assess your performance

On our 5 day programme we will produce a report on your progress and performance. We can also put you through our Aviation Training suitability assessment which is the same as our BSc (Hons) course.

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