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General Aviation

  • Light Aircraft Pilot Licence
  • Private Pilot Licence
  • LAPL to PPL Upgrade
  • Single-Engine Piston (land)
  • Single-Engine Complex Aircraft (variable pitched propeller and retractable undercarriage)
  • Tailwheel Differences Training
  • UK Instrument Meteorological Conditions Rating
  • Night Rating


Professional Pilot

  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence Theoretical Knowledge
  • Commercial Pilot Licence (single and multi engine)
  • Modular Multi-Engine Instrument Rating
  • Competency Based Instrument Rating
  • Multi-Engine Piston (land)
  • Multi Crew Co-Operation Course
  • Jet Orientation Course
  • Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training


Flight Instructor

  • Flight Instructor Course
  • Night Rating Instructor
  • Instrument Rating Instructor
  • Single-Engine Piston (land) Class Rating Instructor
  • Muti-Engine Piston (land) Class Rating Instructor
  • Multi Crew Co-Operation Course Instructor

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