ATPL Theory course

Our Full-Time ATPL Theoretical Knowledge course is a great opportunity to study at Scotland’s largest Flight Training Organisation. You will be taken through the syllabus by our team of first class, professional instructors.

The course duration is 6 months and will run from Monday to Friday.  Our courses can be started at any of the 3 stages throughout the year.

Cost includes all books required plus online access to the material.

The course will follow a 3 Stage System of study as shown below, covering all 14 subjects. This method has been tried and tested over 10 years by our partner and is the perfect balance for students. You will take part in numerous field trips eg Edinburgh Airport Ops and NATS at Prestwick.
Stage 1 (6 weeks)

Human Performance and Limitations
Air Law and ATC Procedures Operational Procedures VFR Communications

IFR Communications Meteorology

Course Pre Requisites
Stage 2 (8 weeks)

Principles of Flight Performance Flight Planning General Navigation

Mass and Balance
Stage 3 (6 weeks)

Aircraft General Knowledge Instrumentation Radio Navigation
Private Pilot’s Licence issued in accordance with ICAO Sound knowledge of basic maths and physics Competent in use of English language.

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