ATPL Theory course

ATPL Theory Course

Our Full-Time ATPL Theoretical Knowledge course is a great opportunity to study at Scotland’s largest Flight Training Organisation.  You will be guided through the syllabus by our team of first class, professional instructors.

The course duration is 9 months and will run from Monday to Friday.  Our course can be started at any one of the 3 entry points throughout the year.

Course fees include a complete set of PadPilot iBooks, all other learning materials and 100 KSA assessment.

The course comprises 4 Modules covering all 13 subjects.  This structure has been tried and tested over many years and is the perfect balance for our students.

Applicants must have the following pre-requisites before enrolling on the course:

Gained a PPL.
Be in possession of a valid Medical Certificate.
Have reached the age of 17.
Have a sound knowledge of basic Maths and Physics.
Be competent in the use of the English.

The subjects in each Module are:

Module 1

Human Performance and Limitations.
Air Law and ATC Procedures.
Aircraft General Knowledge.

Module 2

Principles of Flight
Aircraft Performance

Module 3

General Navigation
Radio navigation

Module 4

Mass and Balance
Flight Planning and Monitoring
Operational Procedures

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