Modular Training

There are two options for completing your course with us as a Modular student

Our Airline Pilot course is a full time modular course which includes all training to fATPL. There is the option on successful completion of the course to join one of our partner airlines. This training can be delivered alongside a BSc (Hons). 


Alternatively, you can train at your own pace on a flexible or part time modular course. 


Airline Pilot

This 36 month course has been delivered for 27 years with 100% employment on completion. You will join us on our Initial Flight Training courses (more here) following our selection process before completing all training modules with us, leaving the course with 1000+ hours. There is the option to join one of our partner airlines on completion


Flexible/Part time Modular

This flexible approach can be spread over a longer period and can be tailored to fit your personal circumstances.

This 6-step process includes:

1. Private Pilot Licence – PPL

  • This flexible and useful licence is the building block for your future flying ambitions.
  • Tayside Aviation offers PPL training all year round with the choice of a full-time 6-7 week course or pay-as-you-go tuition.
  • The PPL course consists of a minimum of 45 hours flying and nine exams.
    • For further details visit PPL

2. Airline Transport Pilot Licence – ATPL

  • Complete your 14 ATPL theory exams with Tayside Aviation’s online learning package in association with PadPilot.
  • The course is split into three stages and the price includes three brush-up courses prior to sitting CAA exams.
  • Tayside Aviation is registered to deliver ATPL brush-up courses at its Dundee facility
    • For full details visit ATPL shop page ( link)

3. Commercial Pilot Licence – CPL

  • To start this stage of the course you will have flown a minimum of 150 hours and passed the necessary examinations.
  • This stage involves a minimum of 25 hours flying, some in complex aircraft, combined with some instrument flying appreciation either in an aircraft or simulator.

4. Multi Engine Piston Rating – MEP

  • The multi-engine piston rating is designed to allow you to fly as Pilot in Command of twin-engined aircraft. It consists of six hours dual flight training and 7 hours associated ground instruction.
  • We train on the Piper Seneca.

5. Instrument Rating – IR

  • The Instrument Rating allows easy access to instrument landing systems at local airfields.
  • If CPL is already held then this course involves 18 hours of flight training in a Twin and 30 hours simulator instruction on Alsim ALX FNPT2. If you hold a PPL then an extra 10 hours is required.

6. Multi Crew Co-operation Course – MCC

  • This is the last (but important) step towards gaining employment with the world’s airlines.
    • The aim of the course is to train you to become an efficient and reliable member of a multi crew aircraft.
    • Most recruiting airlines see this as one of the crucial parts of the commercial training.
    • It lasts for two weeks and involves 25 hours of formal ground instruction and 20 hours in the multi crew environment in our Alsim ALX simulator.

7. Advanced Upset Prevention & Recovery Training – Advanced UPRT

  • The aim of the course is to train you to avoid, recognise and recover from upsets in transport category aircraft.
  • The course consist of 5 hours grounds school, 3 hours flight instruction in our Aquila and Grob Heron Aircraft.


If you have little or no previous flying experience you may be interested in our Initial Flight Training course which includes direct entry to Degree on completion.

Pricing and Booking

If you have the commitment and determination to become a commercial airline pilot we’d love to hear from you

Tayside Aviation offers a number of courses to help your dreams take flight. 

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