Modular Training

This flexible approach can be spread over a longer period and can be tailored to fit your personal circumstances.

This 6-step process includes:

1. Private Pilot Licence – PPL

  • This flexible and useful licence is the building block for your future flying ambitions.
  • Tayside Aviation offers PPL training all year round with the choice of a full-time 6-7 week course or pay-as-you-go tuition.
  • The PPL course consists of a minimum of 45 hours flying and nine exams.
    • For further details visit PPL

2. Airline Transport Pilot Licence – ATPL

  • Complete your 14 ATPL exams with Tayside Aviation’s online learning package in association with CATS.
  • The course is split into three stages and the price includes three brush-up courses prior to sitting CAA exams.
  • Tayside Aviation is registered to deliver ATPL brush-up courses at its Dundee facility
    • For full details visit ATPL shop page ( link)

3. Commercial Pilot Licence – CPL

  • To start this stage of the course you will have flown a minimum of 150 hours and passed the necessary examinations.
  • This stage involves a minimum of 25 hours flying, some in complex aircraft, combined with some instrument flying appreciation either in an aircraft or simulator.

4. Multi Engine Rating – MEP

  • The multi-engine rating is designed to allow you to fly as Pilot in Command of twin-engined aircraft. It consists of six hours dual flight training and associated ground instruction.
  • We train on the Piper Seneca and the Tecnam (glass cockpit) aircraft. The Tecnam is a modern technological aircraft at the leading edge of light twins. (link to aircraft spec sheets)

5. Instrument Rating – IR

  • The Instrument Rating allows easy access to instrument landing systems at local airfields.
  • If CPL is already held then this course involves 20 hours of flight training in Tecnam and 30 hours simulator instruction on Alsim FNPT2. If you hold a PPL then an extra five hours is required on the simulator.

6. Multi Co-operation Course – MCC

  • This is the last (but important) step towards gaining employment with the world’s airlines.
    • The aim of the course is to train you to become an efficient and reliable member of a multi-crew aircraft.
    • Most recruiting airlines see this as one of the crucial parts of the commercial training.
    • It lasts for two weeks and involves 25 hours of formal ground instruction and 20 hours in the multi-crew environment in the simulator.

Pricing and Booking

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