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With the continued increase in air travel, that is not expected to decline any time soon, Flight Instructors are in high demand right now.

Pilots choose to become flight instructors for many reasons. For many, it's a dream job and a primary source of income. For others, it's the next step on the way to becoming a commercial pilot or an airline pilot. And for some, it's a hobby that they can enjoy as a side job or just for fun. Becoming a Flight Instructor can be one of the most rewarding career choices in aviation.

Tayside Aviation has delivered Flight Instructor training for over 40 years. Following a pre-entry flight test, the training normally takes six weeks with favourable weather, and not more that two candidates per instructor can be on the same course. The minimum requirement for the course is 30 hours of flying, but up to five hours can be flown as mutual sorties with another candidate.

The aircraft used for FI training is the Piper Warrior, which allows the second candidate to backseat whilst the first candidate is being taught. The sorties are up to two hours duration, and the average number of sorties required to complete the 30-hour course is 22.

In addition, at least 125 hours of ground lectures, briefings and self-study is required and our team of first class lecturers will deliver the briefings from our Dundee hub.


Pricing and Booking

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There is high demand for FI training so early bookings are recommended.

Upgrade your Flight Instructor Certificate

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The following course are available to progress your career:

  • Instrument Rating Instructor
  • Multi-engine Class Rating Instructor
  • Single engine Class Rating Instructor
  • Night Rating Instructor
  • Multi Crew Co-operation Instructor

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