Ground School

Tayside Aviation offers individual PPL Ground School and ATPL Ground School. Individual training is also available if you prefer one-to-one tuition and our short classroom based courses and brush-up courses before exams ensure we are there when you need us.


  • Individual PPL Ground School Tuition (£25 per hour)

    If you prefer the one-to-one approach, or if you just need some help with a particular topic, our professional instructors are available for individual tuition sessions when you need extra support.


  • Online PPL Ground School (free for Tayside Aviation’s PPL students)
    We offer all of our PPL students access to an online ground school, hosted by our partners CATS, a dedicated ground school company. This can be used on its own or as a preparatory tool prior to attending our seven-day PPL Ground School Course.


  • Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL) Online Study Course (£1,499)
    The CATS range of ATPL studies, books, online system and newly updated iPad app is a valuable resource. This online study course includes three brush-up courses for four full days in our study centre in Dundee that includes:

  • Stage 1: (Operational)
    • Human Performance and Limitations
    • Air Law and ATC Procedures
    • Operational Procedures
    • VFR Communications
    • IFR Communications
    • Meteorology

  • Stage 2: (Navigational)
    • General Navigation
    • Flight Planning
    • Aircraft Performance
    • Principles of Flight
    • Mass & Balance

  • Stage 3: (Technical)
    • Aircraft General Knowledge
    • Radio Navigation
    • Instrumentation


  • Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL) Brush-Up Course (£350).
    Each of the courses will cover in full one of the stages listed above. Each course lasts for four days.

    If you wish to attend one of the Brush-Up courses (without the online package) then please get in touch and we will let you know the available dates.