AFE PA28 Checklist

AFE PA28 Checklist

AFE PA28 Checklist



The AFE Piper PA28 colour checklist is designed to be used in conjunction with the Pilots Guide series, AFE aircraft checklists remain unique in having been designed and written by a flying instructor experienced on each particular type. In keeping with AFEs design philosophy, every checklist is thoroughly researched and verified against manufacturer recommendations, standard training procedures, operator practice and practical operating experience.
Particularly popular with flying school operators, AFE checklists have wiro binding and cutaway titles for ease of use and the emergency sections are clearly delineated in red.

Also included are a crosswind component calculation graph and take-off & landing distance factors.

Designed and written by an instructor experienced on type, based on manufacturers recommendations
Single wire binding and cut-away sections headings for ease of use
Emergency sections clearly marked.

Include crosswind component graph and performance factors

Piper PA-28 Checklist, suitable for fixed-undercarriage, fixed-pitch propeller PA28 models, including Cherokee 140 & 180, Cadet, Warrior & Archer


  • Pre-flight action of pilot in command
  • Prelimary
  • External
  • Internal & Starting
  • Taxying, Power & Pre Take-Off Checks
  • Take-Off & Stall/Aerobatic/Cruise/Re-Join Checks
  • Pre Landing/Go-Around/After Landing/Shut Down Checks
  • Emergency
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