Installation of the new ALSIM ALX

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Our 50th anniversary marks the start of a new age at Tayside Aviation. We invite you to join our journey and inspire a new age of pilots. Tayside Aviation has recently made a £300,000 investment into the future of its students, in order to enhance the training standard of its courses. The state of the art brand new simulator offers a vast yet diverse method of training allowing the pilots to simulate small twin engine aircraft, but also has the ability to simulate medium range jet transport.

Superior in almost everyway to our previous model (FNPTII), the ALX came pre-installed with advanced airport graphics giving our students a realistic approach to training outside of the aircraft. This keeps the student immersed in the training environment providing the best commercial training experience Scotland has to offer!

Our new simulator has been officially certified for training by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA); Tayside Aviation is delighted to announce that we are now accepting our degree student onto the training device.

here is what they had to say:

"It's pretty awesome when you jump in it. It feels like your flying a bigger aircraft, its pretty realistic."

Aaron Dickson- Tayside Degree Student.

"Its easy to fly, its easy to use. It seems to be a more customisable training solution."

Gavin Ritchie- Degree Student (Tayside Aviation Instructor)


The new and user friendly improved simulator ensures the easiest immersion for both the student in training and the instructor. In the end, the simulator becomes an essential tool for decision making, which is a vital part of training.

Please come visit us on one of our Pilot Careers Events, to see the new simulator yourself! We are open 7 days a week and always flying as long as the weather allows.